Proudly Distributed by the Lewis Bear Company, Pensacola Florida


A person is defined by one's travels, experience, and hard work. These things also define what one does best. In our case, we make some of the finest hand crafted spirits available. Spirits that incorporate locally sourced Florida cane sugar, molasses, #2 Dent corn, and pure clover honey. We believe that after distilling, cooking, and blending these wonderful ingredients into a melange of flavorful spirits, you will be enticed by their aromas, characters, and a warmth down below that only a well crafted spirit can provide. We believe that when a spirit is smooth on the palate, yet complex on the tongue, something remarkable has been achieved. We here at Scratch Ankle Distillery pride ourselves on what we have accomplished and invite you to enjoy what is truly the fruits...and grains...of our labor.

                                                        Bart Samaduroff - Master Distiller