Pure, clean, and medium bodied, our rum provides a smooth molasses kick with an easy finish.

Matured with Hickory and mellowed with Honey, our signature corn whiskey will warm your soul.

​With the perfect balance of pepper flavor and peppercorn spice, our Jalapeno Shine will warm you without burning you.​

Mr. Sams Full Moon Shine. Clear, strong, and sweet-- Just as the man it was named after.

Adding a blended apple mix to our rum, we achieve a spirit that maintains a wonderful balance of sweetness, spice, and strength.

Our combination of corn and cane sugar comes out clean and fresh. It's great for mixing, or on the rocks.

Taking inspiration from Highland Scotches, we use premium 2-row barley and mature this single malt American whiskey with dark apple wood, which provides a unique drinking experience.

Visit our Tasting Room for our other fine spirits. We are constantly working to improve and add to our line.

Hand Crafting Spirits is our Passion....

New to our line, this exceptional bourbon is light, dry and easy on the palate. Aged in thirty gallon, heavily charred barrels, it imparts a smooth and light oak finish.

Bold, dark and tasteful. Molasses, Hickory smoke and vanilla attack your senses with the first taste. 

All of our fine spirits feature locally sourced, Florida grains, molasses, fruits and vegatables. Hand crafted, Distilled, Bottled at our shop in Milton, Florida.

This hand mixed selection of fruit, seven spices and other essences will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the islands.